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We work with both fixed prices as well as an open bill, depending on what our customers prefer and the character of the work.

Our process is very meticulously planned and our goal is to never have to redo anything, it is to be done properly from the start.

To accomplish that, a lot of careful planning, knowledge and fine material is required.
That is why we only collaborate with qualified and certified suppliers, feel free to check out our partners.

We don’t use other contracters, in fact we have gathered all sorts of proffesions within the concept of construction which results in that there’s always exclusively Elitbygg-employees on the construction site, your home, and these individuals answer directly to our management and you as a customer. You will never be referred to anyone else, we are Elitbygg and we’re proud of it.

We always give 10 years of executive-warranty on our contracts and are insured up to 10 000 000 kr in IF Insurance Company.

The projects are planned and managed by our CEO, who also is responsible for the contact with you as customer. This facilitates the process and gives you one source you always will be able to communicate with. The same person makes regular visits och photo documentations of the whole course of events. We never close down a wall or cast a floor without it to always be checked by two parties as well as photographed, which you will recieve later on, it increases the value on your building.

We collaborate with a handful of designers if you were to need help with planning, but if it’s a “regular” renovation it’s rarely needed. We’ve got the capability to draw blueprints which is needed and when we do electrical- and sanitation-jobs, it’s essential.