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Bathroom renovation

We’ve all heard about the billions that bathroom damages cost the society every year, money that is taken from our mutual insurance price.
It is of outermost importance that you do these jobs with accuracy and the correct experience, and the teamwork between the floor founder (that also does the important task of ensembling the surface), the electrician and the plumber is crucial for the quality of the bathroom as entirety.
Here Elithus has all proffessions within itself and can therefore offer an unity solution.
We see the founding of the floor as an art, and when you see the joints, corner connections and the cuttings in any of our bathrooms you realize the variety of approches there is to choose from.

We are through Elithus certified by the Swedish Ceramic Tile Council to carry out works in bathrooms according to the new standards. Read more about it on BKR:s homepage,

Link to the latest trade rules, BBV10.