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Welcome to Elitbygg

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We put QUALITY and SERVICE at first and our daily aspiration is to deserve our name. We are at this point 25 employees that represent all kind of proffesions in the building-industry, and that’s also why we can offer unity solutions as well as smaller, more specific contracts. Click the categories below for more info:

We are currently only active in the greater Stockholm-region and many of our projects are ROT-jobs.

We are a part of the Elithus-group and we use the same manpower for our smaller contracts as for the bigger ones. Check out
A majority of our projects are special customed so in other words is nothing too difficult, since we have the experience to convert every idea into reality.

Despite all of this, we are cost efficient so feel free to contact us for a quotation or a suggestion of price.

If we’ve raised an interest, you can read more about us and how we work under concept.